Friday, 20 April 2012

Flying High

Last night I must have had the best dream ever. I was flying high over a huge crowd of people and felt power. I've never felt so much power in a dream before. I was in a huge field with some people that I knew. I remember standing with friends on my side, and on the opposite my family. There were police in the middle separating us for some reason. Then all of a sudden I took off at a sprint with people yelling at me from all over. The police came after me but I took off from the ground and started flying around the field. I felt great, and had control over flying. 

After flying around I went down the side of the cliff and into a cave. It started to collapse around me but I was not hurt and there was a hole I could get out of. I pulled out a packet of hula hoops and a ham sandwich, I was expecting a ham and cheese sandwich and didn't like the taste so I got rid of it. Then it's just a blank space after that, I hope I have more dreams that more.