Sunday, 3 June 2012

Killer Bugs

I stupidly again didn't write my dream down again so its now faded on me. But I remember the whole killer bug thing in a house. I felt scared... but it wasn't much of a nightmare. I remember a lot of beetles running around me... at one point they ran up to a man and went into his head. I knew it was the end of him so left the room. I was holing a baseball bat and managed to kill some of them. Then... I went into a room where my parents were. I felt scared then, I didn't want them to die. But for some reason they went nowhere near them, and it all ended, I don't know if I woke up or something else happened. But I had another dream I was in a shop. I don't remember much, I knew I should have written it down. My dream pad was on my desk and I've just pulled it out. So I'm gonna use it more often. And read through old dreams. 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

New Episodes of The Bill

I'm quite surprised I can still remember my dream from last night. Not much in detail though. Which reminds me I still need to find my dream pad! Must do that tomorrow morning when I tidy my room, I mean that this time. I remember walking downstairs, and I heard the TV on. I went to look at it, and saw the Bill on. I was like... eh? Then realised they were new episodes, so sat down and watched it. I woke up.. and then remembered it had been axed. I felt quite sad for a moment, I quickly got over it, I've been used to it for a year now. It was a fun dream though. And I'll start noting them down in my dream pad now when I find it. 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Dealing Drugs

So last night I dreamt about dealing drugs. Not something I dream about frequently, just rarely. And all in a shopping centre, making it more weird. That would be the stupidest place to deal drugs. Anyway, I remember walking in some random shopping centre. And I walked straight up to a woman sitting on a bench, I didn't know her. But she took a great liking to me, to weird, so I gave her a note and ran straight off. Then she kept following me, I got really freaked out. Then after that I can't remember. That teaches me to write them down. I never found my dream pad, I must find it at some point. I said I would, but that's just typical of me that.