Thursday, 23 February 2012

British Heart Foundation (Again)

I dreamt about work again the other night. It was just like a normal day and I walk up the stairs. But when I get to the top there are a bunch of random people sitting around the table. I'm all confused. I go into the office and see the assistant manager there, so I ask her to come out. She didn't notice them there, and starts shouting at them to leave. Good riddance I think. They finally get there stuff and leave, I'm glad of it. She goes back into the office and I sit down to have my dinner. Weird, but funny.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Avoiding My Manager

I had another dream about work again the other night. But this one was fun. I was trying to avoid seeing my manager. I was in the sorting room and caught a glimpse of her, and ran. I went downstairs on the shop floor and made sure that the coast was clear. I then heard footsteps, and shot straight up the front door not seeing her. I was tired already and having to much fun. Then I heard her coming up, so, I ran straight back down. This time I went near the til, and saw my Dad come in with a donation. I threw it on the floor, swung a bag off my shoulder, and ran out the shop with him. It was like I was expecting it to happen. Weird, but hilarious.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Attempted Murder

Last night I had a dream where I tried to kill one of my friends who I work with. It's understandable, but weird. I'm on my primary school field with a bunch of people surrounding me. I start chasing her around the field, and then finally get her in a headlock. I remember a figure coming over to me, its a friend from my old school. She plucks at my eyebrow making it bleed, I am smacked in the ribs and they run off. Then its all a blur after that. I woke up feeling about it. I texted my friend telling her about my dream, and as I expected she laughed, then I laughed it off, but it will be another dream I won't forget.

Monday, 13 February 2012

The Cold Book Which Turns People Into Clown Dolls

The other night I had a really weird dream where people read a 'Cold Book', a beam of light shined on them and they turned into a clown doll. It was a bit of a nightmare really. And I still remember it in detail. I remember being in a second story of a house and looking out onto some mountains. I was in a room with someone else who picked up a book. Being nosey I looked over their shoulder to see what it was and saw that it was the Cold Book. The next thing I know a beam of light shines through the window and they are turned into a clown doll. I'm shocked, and I see the light turning for me. I remember reading two lines of the book. So I turn and run out of the house. 

It's all a big blur after that, but I remember a white room and a big man standing in front of me. The beam of light has come back, and it turns him into a clown doll. I'm scared all over again, and I turn and run. I'm all spooked out, I don't really want to turn into a clown doll. That's all I remember. And I remember feeling fear and still felt it when I woke up which was even freakier.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Fractured Shoulder in a Bowling Alley

So last night I dreamt of being in a bowling alley. Not something I dream of a lot, a bit of a one off. I'm there with friends from school, something I do a lot when I go out with them. But this was different. The whole bowling alley looked different. The alleys were in the middle, and people were walking around them, and there were amusements behind me which I kept running to and wasting my money on. Something which I also do in real life. The big moment was when I fractured my shoulder. I looked up at the screen, which was all blurry and I couldn't make out what it said. Oh well, I thought, I picked up a bowling ball and just went for it. The ball went flying down and I landed straight on my right shoulder. No one really came to help me. The kids in the alley next to us kept bowling and I watched them. So I just lay there and watched the rest of the game. I then woke into reality lying in the same position. I just laughed about it, and got out of bed.