Monday, 31 December 2012

The Witch, My Home, and Marks and Spencers

I've left it late on new years eve night to blog some dreams. The Witch from the other night and my home and marks and spencers from last night. And I now don't remember much from the other night, so that really does teach me a lesson. I think it was near my home, and there was some kind of witch. I felt fear, and then in the end found out I was the witch. If i wrote it down I would have remembered more, shame I didn't. New years resolution, note down dreams more. 

And last night. I had a few dreams. And can still remember them quite well. Especially around my home. Very frequent now. And an explanation to this? I'm moving out soon. It will be a bit hard as it is the first time I've moving away from my parents. Advantages.. its only 20 minutes down the road and I can come up here any time. I'm leaving behind a lot, but I'm seeing everything as an advantage. Who knows, I could be happier there, and I think I will. Anyway, last night, I dreamt I was flying around my home a lot. Like, a lot. The windows were open and there were a few people in. So finally at one point, I went in the spare room window, and from then. Can not remember what happened, might come back to me later. 
Another dream I remember quite frequently, being at marks at spencers. I was at the checkout and was with a friend who I used to work with. The weird thing is the last time I saw her was about January/February time. And that was a long time ago. I was at the checkout and we were about about 10 or so things. She had no money so looked towards me, I said I had my card with me so I put it in the machine. I paid for the things and we went off. She disappeared. Then I was walking through the metro centre and found out it was over a thousand pound. So I tried to find her, tried to call her and couldn't get through to  her, so I was really pissed off. And that is all I remember. Tomorrow is a new year, and one of my resolutions is to note down dreams more.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Forgetful Dreams

I've been having dreams for the past two nights. But I've forgot them, everything about them. I keep thinking of topics, like friends, family and places, but I can't remember much at all. However, I have a memory of my best friend from school in an airport. Which is quite ironic how she works in an airport... all I remember from that was running away from something, I do that in most dreams running away from the police, but I really can't remember what I was running away from. 

And there's another one from the other night where I was flying around my house. I go to my next door neighbour who I was friends with forever... till he moved out. Something else I dream of a lot. I went in and we played games on his PS2.. mario... just like the old times. I miss the old times. I'm gonna start to try and note down dreams now, especially with my mood changing around this time of the year.

Monday, 24 December 2012


So I haven't blogged in ages. I wish I would, so many dreams I wish I remember but don't note down. It's half 11 and I remember last nights dream quite well, but not really in order. I remember being in a massive arena, something was playing, don't really remember what it was, a concert of some sort. Then a bunch of us left. There was a country.. Hungary, I think it was, and they were yelling, I ignored them and walked past the crowds. I walk out....... then forget. Then I am in a cinema of some kind. I was looking for people who I went to school with, I run down the front and grab a seat. Down the front there is a video playing, what the video was I do not know. But the person behind me was putting their feet on my seat which was really annoying. 

Then a big gap... and I remember I walk towards a big swing. On sand, the swing was made of rope where you could swing back and forth but had to stand on it, and someone who I knew came in front of me. I had fun, and then was stuck at the top. There was a lot of rope around it and then found myself clambering around it. At one point I tried to go down, and some rope got stuck on my neck. There was someone below me, and I found it difficult to get off. Then, I was thrown something which I had to rub, then I got off, and fell to the ground... and that is all I remember. I'm gonna have to start down noting these crazy dreams, that way I will remember them.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

In Trouble With The Police

I again had another dream of being in trouble with the police. This is starting to become frequent now. I was walking along in a shopping centre with hardly anyone around. Two guys come out and I see the police ahead of me. I talked to them, made them walk in front of me so I could walk past without them noticing me. It worked well, but I turned around and broke away from them. The police started to run after me, and I ran. I came out of the centre and ran for my life. I then remember jumping really high and landed on top of a building so they couldn't see me. That worked to. It felt like a day later and in the morning I thought I would go explore. A guy who appeared out of nowhere told me it was not a good idea as the police would catch me, but I didn't listen. I went off, and seconds later the police were after me. Not a good idea. I was then caught and hauled to the ground. Apart from that, it was quite an enjoyable dream. 

Monday, 17 September 2012

Breathing Badly

I had a really weird dream last night where I couldn't breathe properly. I was lying in a hospital bed holding my hand over my chest trying to breathe but found it really difficult. There was a nurse standing over me who I thought I knew... but couldn't manage to say anything. They opened my eyes and said they knew I was awake and I could hear them. I thought my asthma was coming back. After sometime I ended up getting out of the hospital bed and going for a walk, I passed out somewhere down a corridor and the nurse came back to me, I ended up back in the hospital bed. I don't remember much after that. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Driving In My Car

I dreamt about driving last night. It's not something I usually dream about.... I do rarely. And I usually can't control the car... I've sometimes been in the backseat driving being to far away and crashed it. But last night I could control the car. I was driving along the A19 bombing away listening to loud music. There was nothing on the roads... it was heaven. I signalled to come up a slip road and that was it... I woke up. So that was the end of that.

Horror Films, Running Away and the Lion King

Got another dream where I didn't write it down. After reading it I remember all of it, and all from last Sunday as well. It started by a swimming pool, and it was a bit like the final destination and saw films. I thought something bad was going to happen to the people around me. The feeling of fear. Then I went into a room opposite and I had the same feeling. But now I don't remember much. 

Then I was in a sports hall. With my Gran, like I would... I fly up near a wall and look down at her. For some reason I want to run away from her. I run down corridors as fast as I can pushing through doors. I get to the toilets at the end and rush in. I get into a cubicle and feel safe. I turn to the window and jump out.. and realise I'm carrying a bag and wearing my black 3/4's.... strange. I walk across some grass and sand and meet my dad, and some people I went on holiday with. Oh the memories. We start talking about going to Spain, I would love to go back, but I know it would never happen. 

Then I'm not joking when I saw I dreamt about the Lion King. I was with one of the lions from the second film and was near pride rock... something was falling down and I wanted to get away. It then repeated itself... and I did the same thing, and I then woke up. It's to weird dreaming about Disney films. 

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Motorbike Crash, Holiday and Peter Pan

So I had numerous dreams again last night. The one that sticks out the most is the motorbike crash, I felt pain again. Pain in dreams is starting to come back frequently. I remember I was riding a motorbike down a street and I then crashed and flipped off the bike. I had a stinging feeling in my leg and the fingers on my left hand were shaking in a alien like way... weird... I couldn't move and some guy had called for an ambulance. About half an hour or so passed and I started complaining, it was taking ages for the ambulance to get there and I was lying in pain and couldn't move... I can't remember much after that dream. 

Then came the holiday part. There was people in my back garden who I used to go on holiday with and I was having the time of my life. People came and went... I can't remember much of this dream. The main highlight of this dream was walking up  near a ledge seeing a group of people... and thinking what I was going to wear. I was wearing jeans... and thought it was to hot... and didn't know whether I had 3 quarters with me. We were going somewhere and I washed my hair, my sister was complaining she wanted to get to a restaurant on time, but my mum said I washed my hair and she had to wait for me. And that's all I remember from that dream.  

I'm not joking when I say I had a dream from Peter Pan and Tinkerbell in Kingdom Hearts. I have been playing this game at my friends lately and lets say... came a bit addicted to it. I dreamt that I was walking along some kind of waterfall. I slipped, and Peter Pan came down below and was telling me to take his hand. Tinkerbell was at the side trying to help  me. I took his hand and helped me back up. I was then flying around with him which seemed really cool.