Thursday, 29 December 2011

Paranormal Activity and Hot Chocolate

So I wake up this morning with a weird craving. Hot chocolate. I dreamt I went to uni, for a large hot chocolate, and that's it. Not to do work or to see a lecture, just hot chocolate. And from Costa, my favourite. As I walk to Costa I see people from my old school, but completely ignore them. But when I'm in the queue, the girl behind me, who was in some of my classes, tells me to stir it for the best results. And I do, and it tasted damn well good. Now as I am getting ready I am writing my list for Tesco... with hot chocolate as main priority. 

Yesterday when I woke up I felt more weird. I had a nightmare, and I rarely have them. I had the feeling of fear in my heart just weird... I keep repeating that word, but I have to. I am in a huge house with a lot of mirrors. I don't know what I am wearing, but I know I have my hair down. So I tie it up, I hold a bat to a mirror, but cant bring myself to break it. Then I run out the house, but some people run towards me, and I run back in knowing that are going to hurt me. And the dream ends. I wake up feeling scary. That was just plain creepy. 

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The End of the World

Never in my whole life I have dreamt of the end of the world, until last night. It was so weird, and felt like I was stuck in the dream. It started with me looking out of my mam and dad's bedroom window looking out onto the street. There were cars out, but it seemed dead, and I was the only person in the house. I watched some cars go in and out of the street, then I finally decided it was time to do something. So... for some reason I took my mam's car keys and went off in it. Yet I have my own car, but didn't go in it. 

So I'm off driving, and out of no where my mate appears in the car who I have known for the past 17 years. We go to the local shop, and on the dual carriageway... and then the car stops. We get out, and join a pack of people walking through snow. I know its cold so I wrap it warm. I manage to get ahead of the pack and start to lead it. As I look back they start to have a snowball fight... because they know its the end of the world, and just want to have some fun. And then I wake up, back into reality. All I know is that it is one of the strangest dreams I have had. 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Multiple Dreams

So on Monday the 17th January I was yet again straight into my dream pad. And as I read it I can picture it happening it was that memorable. I was in my grandparents house handcuffed. How and why I do not know. But I was suddenly being chased by dogs, and my instinct was to run out into the garden. I hook the right where the back gate is and see a white van. I kick off from the ground and start hovering. I take a sigh of relief, and then follow after the van. As it starts to get faster, I do. I find it going down a long lane and into a big field. Then, I lose the van. I feel like I missed something, but I don't know what it was. Then awkwardly, I lose a shoe. So I pick it up and put it on, and then I fade out. 

Next thing I know I am sitting at the back of my year 10 french class. A class which for some reason I miss. My teacher did not like me that much and I don't understand why I dream about it. But she tells us the seating plan might change, and I get the feeling of fear in my heart. I loved this seating plan, but again, the scene faded out. 

The third and final dream I remember is standing in sand. Which kept sinking below my feet. Above me is rope. So the obvious thing to do is to get on it, so I do. I follow it around, and see people on it. I don't know who they are. Next thing I know I fall off into the sand, and the scene fades away. I then woke up feeling weird and the dreams kept repeating in my mind all day.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Shot in the Sky

On Sunday the 16th January I couldn't really remember much of the dream I had. I only remember hovering in mid air, with a lot of flats around me. I don't know where it was, nowhere that I know of. It was all dark and wierd. Then I hear a gun shot... I didn't feel anything, but I fell down dead. And then I woke up with my heart racing. It was wierd. One of the most wierdest dreams I've had.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Lucid Dreaming and Primary School

On Saturday the 15th January I woke up remembering the dream. Most of it anyway. I was back in primary school again... for about the 50 millionth time. And for some reason I was wearing a Sunderland shirt... strange. On the massive field with trees at the back were racks of clothes everywhere, and I was in search of my group. Why? I do not know. But then out of nowhere from a corner was my group sitting around a table. My old primary school friends, so I went and joined them. Everything then went silent. And I read a small passage out from a sheet. To long ago now to remember what it said. Then, it ended. I cant remember from after that. 

Then the lucid dreaming began. I suddenly knew what I was doing, unlike in my primary school, it all changed. I was walking on a path, trees on the left of me and shops on the right of me. Then I started sprinting for some reason. Then off the path I met a friend from university... and then blank. I can't remember. 

But after that I had another dream. I feel that it was connected to the lucid dreaming, but I simply cant remember. I was near home. A busy road on the right of me and fence on the left. I was hiding, I was running away from someone, or some people. Then all of a sudden my year 6 teacher came from somewhere and started chasing me and some people. I don't know who they were. Then over the busy road and into the open field. We stopped suddenly, and were caught. The end. 

I know I miss my primary school and friends. But don't have many memories of it. I think maybe its because the school is just behind my house and can see it. I don't even walk over there much. I just find it strange whenever I dream about it now.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

My Dream Pad

My dream pad started on Thursday 13th January 2011. I thought it was time to write down my dreams and interpret them. I realise over the past 11 months I usually have the same dreams and understand them finally. I dreamt the previous night I was sprinting out of my old school  and onto the field. The massive green field with the trees behind it. I dream of it a lot. There was a lot of people there, so I kick start from the ground and into the air. And that's all I could remember. 

But I know why I dreamt it. Because I miss it, I miss being there and the people. But its all in the past now and there's no way of going back. All I can do is dream about it though. And I will in the future. So best to plan ahead for the future.