Thursday, 29 December 2011

Paranormal Activity and Hot Chocolate

So I wake up this morning with a weird craving. Hot chocolate. I dreamt I went to uni, for a large hot chocolate, and that's it. Not to do work or to see a lecture, just hot chocolate. And from Costa, my favourite. As I walk to Costa I see people from my old school, but completely ignore them. But when I'm in the queue, the girl behind me, who was in some of my classes, tells me to stir it for the best results. And I do, and it tasted damn well good. Now as I am getting ready I am writing my list for Tesco... with hot chocolate as main priority. 

Yesterday when I woke up I felt more weird. I had a nightmare, and I rarely have them. I had the feeling of fear in my heart just weird... I keep repeating that word, but I have to. I am in a huge house with a lot of mirrors. I don't know what I am wearing, but I know I have my hair down. So I tie it up, I hold a bat to a mirror, but cant bring myself to break it. Then I run out the house, but some people run towards me, and I run back in knowing that are going to hurt me. And the dream ends. I wake up feeling scary. That was just plain creepy.