Monday, 2 January 2012

The Police Officer and The Helicopter

At work at New Year's eve it was quiet. So I decided to buy a small pad and write my dream down from the night before, and jot some notes down for my next essay. So it starts like this... I am in a big shopping centre with a friend from school. Quite the pair we were getting in trouble sometimes. She has roller blades on causing chaos which makes me laugh. She suddenly loses control and falls straight into a stand. So of course I find it hilarious, but the next thing I know the police appear. That wipes the smile off my face. I then run, I remember going down a narrow corridor where no one is. A red haired police woman appears on the other side and grabs my right arm. She says, 'Do you understand what you are being arrested for?' and I say yes. I try to be clever and run, but a thread of my gloves comes off and she pulls me back. 

Next thing I know I am in a helicopter with my sister driving it. We are heading for a bridge, and she doesn't know hot to ride it, and I panic. And there was a bridge right in front of us. I remember throwing my arms around, and my sister pushes the lever up, and nose dives straight into the water. Death woke me up. That is one thing I am sure of.