Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Cookies, Milkshakes and Monopoly

So yet again I wake up remembering a very strange dream from last night. I start off in a weird maze with green hedges and sandy walls and ground. Then massive cookies and milkshakes start walking over the hedges crushing people as they walk. So I duck out of the way and hide in a corner. I watch as they walk above me, and then pull a cookie down. I then start to eat it, it was nice. So i pull down a milkshake and start drinking it, it was a nice chocolate milkshake. 

Next thing I know I am at home. I'm sitting watching a programme with my Dad and sister, after it finishes we all decide to go upstairs. I go into my room and pull out a monopoly board and start playing on it. The figures move themselves and I am holding a lot of cash in my hand, and I realise it's real. Then I wake up back in reality. Darn that game, I felt so rich as well at the time.