Thursday, 26 January 2012

My Big Mac Craving, Chase on a Bike and Order in School

So I wake up not very long ago craving a big mac. In my dream I was torn between either getting pancakes or a big mac, so as usual I got a Big Mac. But it wasn't the original Big Mac. It was all greasy with all mayonnaise hanging out the sides and bacon bits in it. Quite disgusting now I go back to think of it. I remember looking out the window and then two girls come sitting in front of me complaining to me that one of them has to go to school on a Saturday. I told them that was life, and they said it wasnt fair. I got sick of them watching me eat, but didnt say anything. They finally left me alone and I thought thank God for that. 

Then I am near my old school with some people on bikes. It was quiet until the police showed up. So we jumped on our bikes and headed off. I zoomed off down the path and straight up the cut. They jumped out of cars and started chasing us. So again I start to go faster, and I head back home. Down the bank, then straight onto people's front gardens. Not something I usually do, then throw my bike down just before I walk in. I sense freedom. Then hear the doorbell ring, I think nothing of it, to see the police there. I attempt to throw it in their faces, but they storm in. I am pushed back on the stairs. I am thrown on my front and put it handcuffs. And that was the end. 

Another dream I remember was being in the back of my old school. With a sense I've had this dream before, but wasn't to sure. I walk in the back and one of my old strict teachers was shouting orders and people did it. So knowing it was a dream, I refused to take the orders. He saw I was slacking so shouted me to leave. I wasn't to happy about it but I did anyway. Next thing I know I'm in my primary school flying above people throwing van bags of the British Hear Foundation at them. Why I was doing that I don't know. But come to think of it now, it was really wierd. As I attempted to fly away I found myself barricaded in by some invisible force, and then a high pitched laugh from my teacher. He had me prisoner there. But then I woke up in the real world, and knew that I would always remember these dreams.