Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Missing Staircase

It all started at university on a Monday morning. I was going to my live radio and commercial class. However, when I get there, there is a crowd of people, and the staircase isn’t there. I am confused by this. I manage to look over the crowd and see another staircase behind them. There is another staircase to get up, but there are too many people to get past. I saw no point so just stayed where I was.

Then my next dream. Several hours later with the internet not working this morning the dream has faded on me. But I remember I am outside on a pier facing the police in front of me. I’m feeling mischievous and am running away from them. At one point I kick from the ground and fly above them, laughing, just before I land. On the other side of the pier I meet my group of people, the good. And on the right of me is the actress, Linda Henry, with red short hair. Weird. But that weird feeling passed quickly, I knew she was on my side.

So off we ran as a group down. I am running towards a group of four police women. And then it ends. However, I had major déjà vu while sleeping… and the dream repeated on me. I was facing the four police women again. But this time I run straight at them thinking I can get past them. I was wrong, and was then hauled to the ground. And then the dream ended, and I woke to reality.