Monday, 2 January 2012

The Killer Bugs, The Genie, Jafar and Assistant Manager

So I wake up this morning feeling like I have had a nightmare. It was a bad dream that's for sure. I am in the schoolyard in my primary school. Not so far away from here and I dream of time to time. Some small bugs start to infest the yard making us panic. I don't know of the people around me. They start biting and killing people, one get me, but I know that I am okay and will live. We then run up the sandy verge where we stay and they can't get us. One of my friends from school is here, so I run over to her. She has been bitten, and I can see one crawling underneath her skin. I panic, and call out for help. All of a sudden, the actress Julie Graham appears and tries to revive her. I turn around, and see that my friends boyfriend has appeared. He tells me it didn't kill me because I am young. However, I am 16 days older than my friend which confused me. I look at the trees behind me thinking of running out, at this point I know I am dreaming. I look forward, and run down the verge, and onto the path. I sprint past one of my teachers and up the steps. 

Then still in the same dream I run past fire and broken down buildings. All of a sudden, I find that the genie and Jafar from the Disney film Aladin, have appeared. But yet, it felt so real. Next thing I know the genie knocks me out and ties me up. We then appear in a place which was like a TV studio, the genie put me down, and expected me to walk. There was a big board in front of me, but I didn't want to walk behind it. So as they walk behind it, I turn around to meet an old man with a lot of grey hair. 

I am then magically out of the rope and able to move my hands around. He grabs a hold of me, and I find myself shouting Julie. The assistant manager at work. She appears, and tells me to bow at her dog. Confused, I do it, and after the third time it runs over and jumps on the old man who then lets me go. I then rip him up. Yes, I rip him up, he felt like paper. So he went from being human to paper in a matter of seconds. What I am saying here really did happen. None of it is made up. I then throw him into the washing machine and put him on hand wash. Why I did that I do not know. Feeling happy, I hug Julie and say thank you very much. 

Running out of the building I see a massive shopping centre on my left. I run into it. There is a white wall running on the left of me and a load of shops on my right. In the crowd of people in front of me my Dad appears. So I shout for him, but he goes into the toilets. I then stand outside and wait for him... he comes out and is then happy to see me. My Mum then appears on my left. We walk out as a family, and then as I come out, I am riding a unicycle which appears out of nowhere. And then I woke up. It is now fair to say I have a few weird dreams from time to time.