Friday, 6 December 2013

Swimming and the Police

I had a really strange dream that I was back at my old swimming baths last night. It was all fantastic but the layout wasn't the same, the diving board wasn't a diving board. It was a massive slide going into the baby pool. Which looked almost broken. There was a lot of people who I didn't know, there were people on the side I was on, and people on the opposite side. We were about to race. But they were starting on the opposite side to me. When we finished I asked if we could re race... but they all said no as it was a fair race... which it clearly wasn't. After... I went into the water and swam to the other side... I got out.. and that's when the police appeared. 

I tried pushing someone into the water who was a lot bigger than me. It clearly wasn't going to work... so I pushed in someone smaller than me. People started running after me... so I ran around near where the changing rooms were. There were people sitting at a table... so I went around and hid in the corner. Because that was clearly a smart idea. I looked around and two police officers were there... I tried to run around the table... but they managed to catch me. It's all a blur after that.. as my alarm woke me up into the real world. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

School and Quiche

I had one of them back to school dreams again. It was quite a funny dream. I'm walking up the street and looking into the windows of shops seeing how big this blazer is on me and how uncool it looks. I see that it's near half 1, I should be in school and I have't eaten. The Gregg's that isn't there isn't a Gregg's so I go into a shopping area, around the corner, and see a shop selling quiches with no queue, so a quiche it is. I order one.. they tell me its £5 then when I get it.. they tell me its £15. Made no sense.. but I took it and ate it. After that... it's all a blur. 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Holiday, Old Friends and Work Friends

I had one of those dreams where I was in Spain with my old friends and I thought it was real. It was one of those normal nights where we're all sitting around the caravan having a nice time and enjoying the scenery. I remember it well.... we always chose the caravan park at the end, we were near the shower and had all of our friends around us. The dream I had felt to real and I actually thought it was to true... until I woke up from it, this will be a dream that I will never forget. 

The last dream I had was about working the british heart foundation again. Those dreams seem to be coming back now. This one was weird. I was sitting at a desk and I had a science test to do. The first thing.. was to write my name on it, and I was having difficulty doing it. I kept messing up my first name and had to keep rubbing it out, which was annoying me greatly. At one point I had my manager yelling in my face repeatedly because I was doing something wrong, what I don't know but whatever it did was annoying her greatly. It was still a fun dream that I won't forget. 

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dogs, Drug Dealing and a Lion

Last night I had one of them.. nightmares, lets call it. I was in my street with a bunch of people.. doing what I don't really know but I was going in and out of houses. My next door neighbors decided to let her dogs out and they would run rapidly around the street. I never really liked the dogs, and I kept jumping up and down and flying around as they kept snapping at my feet and I thought they were going to bite me. I would take safety by sitting on top of houses so that they couldn't get me. 

When I came out of someone's house, I instantly knew that I was lucid dreaming. I suddenly had the power to do what I want. So, I decided to go up the street, and up the cut to see who was there. There were some lads standing at the top so I approached them. They weren't listening to me so I just walked on. There were some other people behind them, and they started talking to me. One handed me over about £50 and asked if I could get them some happy pills. Where I could get them I didn't know, but I took it and walked off. I went left and saw some people I knew from university. For some reason, they weren't to happy to see me. One approached me, I got angry, and started hitting him. One of the lads I met up with before came behind, and started off a massive fight. I jumped up where there was a gate to the school on my right and went over onto the field. 

The next dream I had consisted of a lion. I think it linked on from the before dream but I'm not to sure. We were in a cave like prison where people and animal were in cages on either side in the cave. Next thing I know I'm in one of them with four other people, I manage to get out of it and walk along the cave. One of them was empty, a one a lion should have been in, I walked along to the end of the cave and realized that it was on a train track. I saw someone standing at the corner who I know from university, and then I heard a low growl. The lion was standing right behind him, he was jumped on, and then mauled to death. 

The Doctor, The Kiss and the Jonathon Ross Show

The other night I had the best dream ever, the Doctor, David Tennant, kissed me, and it was wonderful. It was amazing... and it was in my old school yard. I was on the ground one minute and he kissed me, the next, I was paralyzed and was being dragged over the yard and the next thing I knew I was on the Jonathon Ross show. Celebrities were being interviewed while I was lying on the ground feeling like a right idiot cos I couldn't move. When it comes to me answering the questions, I'm speechless and don't know what to say. There is much more to this dream, but I can't remember a lot of this one now. 

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Drugs, The Police and Family

Last night I had a really weird dream which was quite frightening, and I've been feeling tired all day. This dream is quite memorable now and even my mum thought it was slightly weird when I asked her who my grans sister was married to... I think that dream came first. One of those... family dreams... which was quite nice. I was firstly with my my mum and sister, in a car, we had just arrived at some shopping center. As we got out we saw my great aunt... who is dead.. and we had a nice chat and get together... it was weird.. but nice. 

And then came the next dream. Which was quite fun. Started off in a room in a house... lucid dreaming. As I knew I could do anything, I jumped out and ran through streets... along one I walked up to some people.. then... for some strange reason I want some drugs. This guy tries to give me some cigarettes instead but I tell him I'm not stupid. We finally swap something, then when we do... the police swarm onto the scene. We run, and I throw the stuff I have onto a police car. I run into a building, but they come into it and catch me. Strange dreams again. 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

On The Run

I had a really weird dream I was on the run from the law last night. But it was crazy and fun. Of what I remember, I was firstly on a path in a woody area with a lot of people around. I started running away and they were all following me, they seemed to be catching up really quickly and I was really scared they were going to catch me and kill me. Then, we approached a lake like area, I kicked from the ground and started to fly. That's when I turned around and yelled at them all to stop. They didn't listen and started to throw liquidy substances on me. I gave up knewing they wouldn't stop and flew on. Then, I was going back towards the ground and going back towards people, I tried to kick up and fail. I was then running along a path with a lotta people chasing after me. I was all scared again. Some time up I was running with houses on my left and right. I turned back to see who was there and completely stopped. I saw one of my lecturers from uni, she came over, smacked me in the face and I landed on my back. That was the end of that part.

Then came the building part. I was inside and the police were chasing after me. I ran throughout rooms where some people tried to stop me, some didn't. A mixture of emotions from people. I went into an office to a dead end, I went into a little room where I hid behind a curtain and held it. Some people came in and went to a desk. They were spending ages, so I ran off out and they just watched me. I ran throughout the rooms trying to find an exit. I saw some gyms with windows expecting to see a door. Finally I did, and zoomed straight out into the sky and started to sing bottom of the well from Airbourne for some strange weird reason

Interpretation - I have a lot of these dreams running away from the police which are all the same. I don't really have an interpretation of it, just thatI enjoy them a lot and when I do I try to lucid dream and it hardly ever works. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

School and a Secret Mission

Another dream about school last night. Starting to get really sick of them. I was in the dining hall having lunch and I ask a friend if she wants something from the canteen. Drink and crisps. The usual I head in to see no one there. I start to feel all drowsy and pass out. I wake up, and find myself in a kitchen, confused I feel around and ask myself why I am here. I pass out again. Next time I wake up I am bank in the canteen and leave. I go back to sit with my friends. I look up to the clock and see that it is lesson time and none of us have moved. 

Interpretation - these dreams are starting to really annoy me. It is clear that I really do miss my childhood and would somehow love to be back in school. 

Then came some crazy dream where I was running around a warehouse with a gun. It was so fun. I ran out onto a field and jumped down a bank so no one could see me. Then, other people emerged who appeared to be on my side. We ran right and into a building somewhere where there were more people. I was asking for more guns to kill the enemy, and a little guy gave me a massive gun. I gave a speech saying that we had to kill the enemy who were called the messiah, and off we went. The rest is then a blur. 

Interpretation - not to sure. Going on some crazy mission to kill the enemy does sound pretty fun. Maybe in the future I will work for a secret organisation and have a license to kill. 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Obstacle Course, School, Water Park and a Angry Dog

I had four different dreams that I can remember of last night. One of the first was a massive obstacle course. It was an outside adventure park thingy and the obstacle course looked pretty damn amazing. So off I started, I went up onto ropes and climbing things and whatnot. The thing that sticks out most is that halfway through I had to stop and make a lego piece with some people I knew from school. I said it was absolutely pointless to do and wasn't helping anyone so carried on. I looked behind and saw that someone was  following, my best friend from primary school. We went into some dark small rooms not knowing what was in them. After that, we walked down some stairs and into a big room. It was the drama room in school. The light was strong and I thought I was blind for a moment. There was a class on and I felt like everyone was staring at me, so I ran out. That's when the running started. For some reason I was running away from something. I ran up the stairs and into the link where I saw the assistant manager for the shop. Part of me wanted to stop but the other half told me to run on. It was to late to go back. I ran all the way down the corridor where all the classrooms were and then outside. I went near the technology block, and then inside of it. I saw there was a class going on so I ran straight back outside, and then down the long bank to the street. After that, it's all a blur. 

Interpretation - It's school again. And the feeling of missing my old friends, I know I'll never see them again. A lot of regret not going back to see people when I should have. 

I then had  dream about a waterpark. I was with some old school friends going into the changing rooms. It was a long spirally staircase up with white walls and white floors before we got there. By the time I got up there, I was knackered. Then it was time to find a place to get changed. It was all packed out and took ages to find a place. We found a place, and then got changed. Then, we went through a link bit and into the water park. It was massive and blue with loads of slides and pools. It was mesmerising. By the time I looked to see where my friends were they were all gone and I was by myself. Oh well, I thought, then went free into the park. It's all a blur after that. 

Interpretation - Again, this is part of my childhood. And I do miss going to waterparks and being a child again. Curse this dreams about my childhood. 

Then came the angry dog. I don't remember the full dream, but what I do remember is walking on a path with my parents, a car park on my left and a big field to my right. I looked ahead to see a dog running up to us. I felt fear, and jumped back. To be fair, it was a big black dog. It seemed to be all friendly with my dad, but it set eyes on me and bared all teeth. I screamed for my dad, so he came running over and got the dog to go away. He finally threw something on the field and made sure it went away. But I still kept looking on to see if it came back, and it didn't. 

Interpretation - That I'm scared of big massive dogs that want to kill me. Who isn't? I mean, if some massive dog comes baring all teeth the obvious thing to do is to scream and runaway. Because that's just common sense. 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Shop and School

Having dreams about the past again, one bad one good. The bad, being the shop. However, it was a nice-ish dream I guess. I was walking past the shop window and saw the manager that I liked, I was shocked to see her there as she left the day I did. I wanted to walk in, but I was to scared if the other manager came in. Apparently she wasn't working, so I walked in. I was happy again. There was a staff meeting and everyone was called up, I was told to go up, so, I did. We went upstairs, everything had seemed to change, it was to be expected. We went into an office like area and my best friend was there, which also made me happy, so we had next to each other and had a nice rant on just like the good old times. Then, the manager came in, I didn't know what to do so we just ignored her. I looked at her when she came in the room, and she was gobsmacked to see me there. She left, and then carried on with her day whilst the rest of us had a good banter on just like the good times. 

Interpretation - The past of the shop really does come back to haunt me at times. I had good times and bad times there and clearly there is an issue to resolve. But it's to late and I can't do anything about it. If I could ever go back there, I would. But it's now to late and everyone has gone their own separate ways. God I miss those times so much. 

The dream back in school was somewhat entertaining and fun, although I'm starting to forget most of it now. But what I do remember is being in the school in the hall. There was an assembly like thing going on, not exactly sure what it was. At one point, I turned and ran out. I ran to the reception area, and then outside and ran. There was obstacles and all sorts in the way, I jumped over them. Towards the end I met a friend. She stopped me and we started to talk about life. Moments later some people came running up to us and the rest of it is all a blur. 

Interpretation - I really miss my childhood. Most of my dreams are about school, lower and upper and I really miss those times. Some wise famous person once said, there is always a child inside of us, I think that's how it went. True story. I like to live in the past a lot, but it's what makes me happy.