Saturday, 22 June 2013

Shop and School

Having dreams about the past again, one bad one good. The bad, being the shop. However, it was a nice-ish dream I guess. I was walking past the shop window and saw the manager that I liked, I was shocked to see her there as she left the day I did. I wanted to walk in, but I was to scared if the other manager came in. Apparently she wasn't working, so I walked in. I was happy again. There was a staff meeting and everyone was called up, I was told to go up, so, I did. We went upstairs, everything had seemed to change, it was to be expected. We went into an office like area and my best friend was there, which also made me happy, so we had next to each other and had a nice rant on just like the good old times. Then, the manager came in, I didn't know what to do so we just ignored her. I looked at her when she came in the room, and she was gobsmacked to see me there. She left, and then carried on with her day whilst the rest of us had a good banter on just like the good times. 

Interpretation - The past of the shop really does come back to haunt me at times. I had good times and bad times there and clearly there is an issue to resolve. But it's to late and I can't do anything about it. If I could ever go back there, I would. But it's now to late and everyone has gone their own separate ways. God I miss those times so much. 

The dream back in school was somewhat entertaining and fun, although I'm starting to forget most of it now. But what I do remember is being in the school in the hall. There was an assembly like thing going on, not exactly sure what it was. At one point, I turned and ran out. I ran to the reception area, and then outside and ran. There was obstacles and all sorts in the way, I jumped over them. Towards the end I met a friend. She stopped me and we started to talk about life. Moments later some people came running up to us and the rest of it is all a blur. 

Interpretation - I really miss my childhood. Most of my dreams are about school, lower and upper and I really miss those times. Some wise famous person once said, there is always a child inside of us, I think that's how it went. True story. I like to live in the past a lot, but it's what makes me happy.