Friday, 21 June 2013


Had a dream about being back at home last night, and now, I am back at home, which makes me happy. It was one of them crazy awesome dreams which I would love to have again. I don't remember the start, but I do remember running on a path away from the police, like I often do in dreams. Up ahead there was someone on a bike, as I got closer I recognised it was someone who I was good friends with. So I jumped on, and she rode on, gave me the thought I was getting away from the police. Halfway down the path she stops and tells me to get off, not cool. I get off and run, the police manage to catch up with me... but then it's all a blur. After that I remember being on another path near the school with some people. We hear sirens and I ask if its the police, of course it is, so again, I run. I run on the road and turn around to see the police car, I stumble and fall on my back. Three people get out and run over to me. Then, the rest is all a blur.