Tuesday, 25 June 2013

School and a Secret Mission

Another dream about school last night. Starting to get really sick of them. I was in the dining hall having lunch and I ask a friend if she wants something from the canteen. Drink and crisps. The usual I head in to see no one there. I start to feel all drowsy and pass out. I wake up, and find myself in a kitchen, confused I feel around and ask myself why I am here. I pass out again. Next time I wake up I am bank in the canteen and leave. I go back to sit with my friends. I look up to the clock and see that it is lesson time and none of us have moved. 

Interpretation - these dreams are starting to really annoy me. It is clear that I really do miss my childhood and would somehow love to be back in school. 

Then came some crazy dream where I was running around a warehouse with a gun. It was so fun. I ran out onto a field and jumped down a bank so no one could see me. Then, other people emerged who appeared to be on my side. We ran right and into a building somewhere where there were more people. I was asking for more guns to kill the enemy, and a little guy gave me a massive gun. I gave a speech saying that we had to kill the enemy who were called the messiah, and off we went. The rest is then a blur. 

Interpretation - not to sure. Going on some crazy mission to kill the enemy does sound pretty fun. Maybe in the future I will work for a secret organisation and have a license to kill.