Sunday, 23 June 2013

Obstacle Course, School, Water Park and a Angry Dog

I had four different dreams that I can remember of last night. One of the first was a massive obstacle course. It was an outside adventure park thingy and the obstacle course looked pretty damn amazing. So off I started, I went up onto ropes and climbing things and whatnot. The thing that sticks out most is that halfway through I had to stop and make a lego piece with some people I knew from school. I said it was absolutely pointless to do and wasn't helping anyone so carried on. I looked behind and saw that someone was  following, my best friend from primary school. We went into some dark small rooms not knowing what was in them. After that, we walked down some stairs and into a big room. It was the drama room in school. The light was strong and I thought I was blind for a moment. There was a class on and I felt like everyone was staring at me, so I ran out. That's when the running started. For some reason I was running away from something. I ran up the stairs and into the link where I saw the assistant manager for the shop. Part of me wanted to stop but the other half told me to run on. It was to late to go back. I ran all the way down the corridor where all the classrooms were and then outside. I went near the technology block, and then inside of it. I saw there was a class going on so I ran straight back outside, and then down the long bank to the street. After that, it's all a blur. 

Interpretation - It's school again. And the feeling of missing my old friends, I know I'll never see them again. A lot of regret not going back to see people when I should have. 

I then had  dream about a waterpark. I was with some old school friends going into the changing rooms. It was a long spirally staircase up with white walls and white floors before we got there. By the time I got up there, I was knackered. Then it was time to find a place to get changed. It was all packed out and took ages to find a place. We found a place, and then got changed. Then, we went through a link bit and into the water park. It was massive and blue with loads of slides and pools. It was mesmerising. By the time I looked to see where my friends were they were all gone and I was by myself. Oh well, I thought, then went free into the park. It's all a blur after that. 

Interpretation - Again, this is part of my childhood. And I do miss going to waterparks and being a child again. Curse this dreams about my childhood. 

Then came the angry dog. I don't remember the full dream, but what I do remember is walking on a path with my parents, a car park on my left and a big field to my right. I looked ahead to see a dog running up to us. I felt fear, and jumped back. To be fair, it was a big black dog. It seemed to be all friendly with my dad, but it set eyes on me and bared all teeth. I screamed for my dad, so he came running over and got the dog to go away. He finally threw something on the field and made sure it went away. But I still kept looking on to see if it came back, and it didn't. 

Interpretation - That I'm scared of big massive dogs that want to kill me. Who isn't? I mean, if some massive dog comes baring all teeth the obvious thing to do is to scream and runaway. Because that's just common sense.