Thursday, 27 June 2013

On The Run

I had a really weird dream I was on the run from the law last night. But it was crazy and fun. Of what I remember, I was firstly on a path in a woody area with a lot of people around. I started running away and they were all following me, they seemed to be catching up really quickly and I was really scared they were going to catch me and kill me. Then, we approached a lake like area, I kicked from the ground and started to fly. That's when I turned around and yelled at them all to stop. They didn't listen and started to throw liquidy substances on me. I gave up knewing they wouldn't stop and flew on. Then, I was going back towards the ground and going back towards people, I tried to kick up and fail. I was then running along a path with a lotta people chasing after me. I was all scared again. Some time up I was running with houses on my left and right. I turned back to see who was there and completely stopped. I saw one of my lecturers from uni, she came over, smacked me in the face and I landed on my back. That was the end of that part.

Then came the building part. I was inside and the police were chasing after me. I ran throughout rooms where some people tried to stop me, some didn't. A mixture of emotions from people. I went into an office to a dead end, I went into a little room where I hid behind a curtain and held it. Some people came in and went to a desk. They were spending ages, so I ran off out and they just watched me. I ran throughout the rooms trying to find an exit. I saw some gyms with windows expecting to see a door. Finally I did, and zoomed straight out into the sky and started to sing bottom of the well from Airbourne for some strange weird reason

Interpretation - I have a lot of these dreams running away from the police which are all the same. I don't really have an interpretation of it, just thatI enjoy them a lot and when I do I try to lucid dream and it hardly ever works.