Thursday, 28 November 2013

Drugs, The Police and Family

Last night I had a really weird dream which was quite frightening, and I've been feeling tired all day. This dream is quite memorable now and even my mum thought it was slightly weird when I asked her who my grans sister was married to... I think that dream came first. One of those... family dreams... which was quite nice. I was firstly with my my mum and sister, in a car, we had just arrived at some shopping center. As we got out we saw my great aunt... who is dead.. and we had a nice chat and get together... it was weird.. but nice. 

And then came the next dream. Which was quite fun. Started off in a room in a house... lucid dreaming. As I knew I could do anything, I jumped out and ran through streets... along one I walked up to some people.. then... for some strange reason I want some drugs. This guy tries to give me some cigarettes instead but I tell him I'm not stupid. We finally swap something, then when we do... the police swarm onto the scene. We run, and I throw the stuff I have onto a police car. I run into a building, but they come into it and catch me. Strange dreams again.