Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dogs, Drug Dealing and a Lion

Last night I had one of them.. nightmares, lets call it. I was in my street with a bunch of people.. doing what I don't really know but I was going in and out of houses. My next door neighbors decided to let her dogs out and they would run rapidly around the street. I never really liked the dogs, and I kept jumping up and down and flying around as they kept snapping at my feet and I thought they were going to bite me. I would take safety by sitting on top of houses so that they couldn't get me. 

When I came out of someone's house, I instantly knew that I was lucid dreaming. I suddenly had the power to do what I want. So, I decided to go up the street, and up the cut to see who was there. There were some lads standing at the top so I approached them. They weren't listening to me so I just walked on. There were some other people behind them, and they started talking to me. One handed me over about £50 and asked if I could get them some happy pills. Where I could get them I didn't know, but I took it and walked off. I went left and saw some people I knew from university. For some reason, they weren't to happy to see me. One approached me, I got angry, and started hitting him. One of the lads I met up with before came behind, and started off a massive fight. I jumped up where there was a gate to the school on my right and went over onto the field. 

The next dream I had consisted of a lion. I think it linked on from the before dream but I'm not to sure. We were in a cave like prison where people and animal were in cages on either side in the cave. Next thing I know I'm in one of them with four other people, I manage to get out of it and walk along the cave. One of them was empty, a one a lion should have been in, I walked along to the end of the cave and realized that it was on a train track. I saw someone standing at the corner who I know from university, and then I heard a low growl. The lion was standing right behind him, he was jumped on, and then mauled to death.