Friday, 6 December 2013

Swimming and the Police

I had a really strange dream that I was back at my old swimming baths last night. It was all fantastic but the layout wasn't the same, the diving board wasn't a diving board. It was a massive slide going into the baby pool. Which looked almost broken. There was a lot of people who I didn't know, there were people on the side I was on, and people on the opposite side. We were about to race. But they were starting on the opposite side to me. When we finished I asked if we could re race... but they all said no as it was a fair race... which it clearly wasn't. After... I went into the water and swam to the other side... I got out.. and that's when the police appeared. 

I tried pushing someone into the water who was a lot bigger than me. It clearly wasn't going to work... so I pushed in someone smaller than me. People started running after me... so I ran around near where the changing rooms were. There were people sitting at a table... so I went around and hid in the corner. Because that was clearly a smart idea. I looked around and two police officers were there... I tried to run around the table... but they managed to catch me. It's all a blur after that.. as my alarm woke me up into the real world. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

School and Quiche

I had one of them back to school dreams again. It was quite a funny dream. I'm walking up the street and looking into the windows of shops seeing how big this blazer is on me and how uncool it looks. I see that it's near half 1, I should be in school and I have't eaten. The Gregg's that isn't there isn't a Gregg's so I go into a shopping area, around the corner, and see a shop selling quiches with no queue, so a quiche it is. I order one.. they tell me its £5 then when I get it.. they tell me its £15. Made no sense.. but I took it and ate it. After that... it's all a blur. 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Holiday, Old Friends and Work Friends

I had one of those dreams where I was in Spain with my old friends and I thought it was real. It was one of those normal nights where we're all sitting around the caravan having a nice time and enjoying the scenery. I remember it well.... we always chose the caravan park at the end, we were near the shower and had all of our friends around us. The dream I had felt to real and I actually thought it was to true... until I woke up from it, this will be a dream that I will never forget. 

The last dream I had was about working the british heart foundation again. Those dreams seem to be coming back now. This one was weird. I was sitting at a desk and I had a science test to do. The first thing.. was to write my name on it, and I was having difficulty doing it. I kept messing up my first name and had to keep rubbing it out, which was annoying me greatly. At one point I had my manager yelling in my face repeatedly because I was doing something wrong, what I don't know but whatever it did was annoying her greatly. It was still a fun dream that I won't forget.