Tuesday, 18 September 2012

In Trouble With The Police

I again had another dream of being in trouble with the police. This is starting to become frequent now. I was walking along in a shopping centre with hardly anyone around. Two guys come out and I see the police ahead of me. I talked to them, made them walk in front of me so I could walk past without them noticing me. It worked well, but I turned around and broke away from them. The police started to run after me, and I ran. I came out of the centre and ran for my life. I then remember jumping really high and landed on top of a building so they couldn't see me. That worked to. It felt like a day later and in the morning I thought I would go explore. A guy who appeared out of nowhere told me it was not a good idea as the police would catch me, but I didn't listen. I went off, and seconds later the police were after me. Not a good idea. I was then caught and hauled to the ground. Apart from that, it was quite an enjoyable dream. 

Monday, 17 September 2012

Breathing Badly

I had a really weird dream last night where I couldn't breathe properly. I was lying in a hospital bed holding my hand over my chest trying to breathe but found it really difficult. There was a nurse standing over me who I thought I knew... but couldn't manage to say anything. They opened my eyes and said they knew I was awake and I could hear them. I thought my asthma was coming back. After sometime I ended up getting out of the hospital bed and going for a walk, I passed out somewhere down a corridor and the nurse came back to me, I ended up back in the hospital bed. I don't remember much after that. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Driving In My Car

I dreamt about driving last night. It's not something I usually dream about.... I do rarely. And I usually can't control the car... I've sometimes been in the backseat driving being to far away and crashed it. But last night I could control the car. I was driving along the A19 bombing away listening to loud music. There was nothing on the roads... it was heaven. I signalled to come up a slip road and that was it... I woke up. So that was the end of that.

Horror Films, Running Away and the Lion King

Got another dream where I didn't write it down. After reading it I remember all of it, and all from last Sunday as well. It started by a swimming pool, and it was a bit like the final destination and saw films. I thought something bad was going to happen to the people around me. The feeling of fear. Then I went into a room opposite and I had the same feeling. But now I don't remember much. 

Then I was in a sports hall. With my Gran, like I would... I fly up near a wall and look down at her. For some reason I want to run away from her. I run down corridors as fast as I can pushing through doors. I get to the toilets at the end and rush in. I get into a cubicle and feel safe. I turn to the window and jump out.. and realise I'm carrying a bag and wearing my black 3/4's.... strange. I walk across some grass and sand and meet my dad, and some people I went on holiday with. Oh the memories. We start talking about going to Spain, I would love to go back, but I know it would never happen. 

Then I'm not joking when I saw I dreamt about the Lion King. I was with one of the lions from the second film and was near pride rock... something was falling down and I wanted to get away. It then repeated itself... and I did the same thing, and I then woke up. It's to weird dreaming about Disney films.