Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Friends and Cruise Ship

So this morning I wake up remembering two dreams in detail. The first I was with friends from university in a library. There we are chatting having the time of our lives while someone pulls a hoover out and starts hoovering. Weird I thought. Next thing, she falls out the window and I panic. That must be the worst thing that can happen while your hoovering. Then I yell, 'Ryan pull her up!'. He runs over and pulls her from the window. They hug it out, and Ryan asks to be her boyfriend. Funny, because there boyfriend and girlfriend in real live. 

Then my next dream. I am on a ship, and being chased by the bad guys. I think I am a pirate. I remember wearing a stripy shirt with cut off jeans, weird. Many times I was hauled to the ground and placed in handcuffs, but each time I managed to get out of them and keep running off. One time I was picked off, and thrown into the freezing cold water taking someone with me. I managed to get my hands free and drown the person that came with me, and then back onto the ship I went. Halfway running on the ship, I woke into reality and 10 o clock.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Working in Sainsburys and a Dog Chase

It starts on a til in sainsburys. There I am having the time of my life. I'm not serving anyone, hence why I am having the time of my life. A customer comes with a trolley full of shopping. I then start to panic. I put things through the scanner, but it doesn't work. So I pull it from the til and stand up with it. It sill doesn't work, and I become more angry. I then walk to the wall and hold it out. It still doesn't work. So I sit back down and sigh. Someone walks over to me, so I stuff it in their hands and walk off. I also remember saying, 'I want to go back to the British Heart Foundation'. Weird. 

Then I remember being in a building. Windows on my left and black walls on my right. And dogs outside. I manage to break out the windows and a dog comes up to me. I talk to it, which is mine. Again, weird, I don't really like dogs. Then we are being chased by other dogs up a hill. And then I wake up in the real world. My dreams are becoming more weird now. 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Missing Staircase

It all started at university on a Monday morning. I was going to my live radio and commercial class. However, when I get there, there is a crowd of people, and the staircase isn’t there. I am confused by this. I manage to look over the crowd and see another staircase behind them. There is another staircase to get up, but there are too many people to get past. I saw no point so just stayed where I was.

Then my next dream. Several hours later with the internet not working this morning the dream has faded on me. But I remember I am outside on a pier facing the police in front of me. I’m feeling mischievous and am running away from them. At one point I kick from the ground and fly above them, laughing, just before I land. On the other side of the pier I meet my group of people, the good. And on the right of me is the actress, Linda Henry, with red short hair. Weird. But that weird feeling passed quickly, I knew she was on my side.

So off we ran as a group down. I am running towards a group of four police women. And then it ends. However, I had major déjà vu while sleeping… and the dream repeated on me. I was facing the four police women again. But this time I run straight at them thinking I can get past them. I was wrong, and was then hauled to the ground. And then the dream ended, and I woke to reality.

Friday, 27 January 2012

2012 - The End of the World

I actually dreamt of this last night. 2012 and the end of the world. Second time this year I've dreamt about the end of the world, that's just scary. But its only a dream, and dreams don't come true. It felt weird. Standing on top of a building watching people die and buildings collapse in front of me. I found myself crying watching it. I told my friend it cant be real and I didn't want to die. But he said it was real and we were going to die. Which made me panic more. I looked down, and saw lava, which was sucking up the building we were standing on. I then panicked more. 

My friend made me look at him, and assured me everything was going to be okay. In the dream, I didn't really want to believe that, and I didn't know I was dreaming. He then told me to close my eyes, so I did. He then counted to three, and made me count with him. So I did. And the building was sucked into the lava and we died. I woke up reality a second later and thought it couldn't have been any more weird. I know this is going to be a dream I will always remember. No doubt I'll probably dream about the end of the world again.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

My Big Mac Craving, Chase on a Bike and Order in School

So I wake up not very long ago craving a big mac. In my dream I was torn between either getting pancakes or a big mac, so as usual I got a Big Mac. But it wasn't the original Big Mac. It was all greasy with all mayonnaise hanging out the sides and bacon bits in it. Quite disgusting now I go back to think of it. I remember looking out the window and then two girls come sitting in front of me complaining to me that one of them has to go to school on a Saturday. I told them that was life, and they said it wasnt fair. I got sick of them watching me eat, but didnt say anything. They finally left me alone and I thought thank God for that. 

Then I am near my old school with some people on bikes. It was quiet until the police showed up. So we jumped on our bikes and headed off. I zoomed off down the path and straight up the cut. They jumped out of cars and started chasing us. So again I start to go faster, and I head back home. Down the bank, then straight onto people's front gardens. Not something I usually do, then throw my bike down just before I walk in. I sense freedom. Then hear the doorbell ring, I think nothing of it, to see the police there. I attempt to throw it in their faces, but they storm in. I am pushed back on the stairs. I am thrown on my front and put it handcuffs. And that was the end. 

Another dream I remember was being in the back of my old school. With a sense I've had this dream before, but wasn't to sure. I walk in the back and one of my old strict teachers was shouting orders and people did it. So knowing it was a dream, I refused to take the orders. He saw I was slacking so shouted me to leave. I wasn't to happy about it but I did anyway. Next thing I know I'm in my primary school flying above people throwing van bags of the British Hear Foundation at them. Why I was doing that I don't know. But come to think of it now, it was really wierd. As I attempted to fly away I found myself barricaded in by some invisible force, and then a high pitched laugh from my teacher. He had me prisoner there. But then I woke up in the real world, and knew that I would always remember these dreams.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Primary School (Again!) and a Police Chase

I wake up again remembering another bizarre dream. Instead of writing it down I thought I'd blog it. Yet again, I was in my old primary school. But this time it was in the hall. Just like an assembly, but there was a small group of us sitting at the back. I can hear a voice, but I cant see who is speaking nor am I really paying any attention to what is going on. Next thing I know someone gets up, goes behind, bows, and runs off. So knowing I can leave, I do the same thing. I then find myself running down corridors, which are leading to nowhere. I don't know where I am going. After running I meet someone who I used to go to school with, she asks me where the pigeon holes are, so I tell her they are round the offices. I take her to them, its funny how before I didn't know where I was going, to suddenly knowing where the offices are. After this I plan in my head where the exit is, the long corridor with the two doors leading out. I turn around, and then leave. 

I found myself free from the dream. In another dream I am in the cinema, I don't know whether I am alone or if I'm with friends. But people start getting up and joining a queue to go somewhere, so being a sheep I follow them. In the queue is a friend from uni, she jumps ahead and runs out of the queue, so being a sheep again, I do the same thing. But when I do it, the police shout at me to come back. So I do... they tell me go get on the ground, so I do, and they put  machine over me, which beeps, they then let me go. Then I find myself outside, I find police coming out from buildings after me. I run. And in my mind I think of people to help me, two people who I would want to help me, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant from Doctor Who. So when I turn around, they are there. I find myself talking to them, they tell me to go left into some place where people will help me. 

Next thing I know I'm in a huge place with clothes racks as obstacles and maids there to help me. I find myself talking to one, but I can't make out the words she is saying. Then some police come running in towards me, I back off against a wall. I find myself yelling, and can clearly hear, 'I will not be man handled!'. I've said that in two dreams now, and to the police. 

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Lonely Snail on the Roof

Again another morning this week I woke up feeling sorry for a lonely snail I dreamt about, and which isn't real. This again was in my old primary school, and on the black roof in the play yard. But the play yard is filled with water and feels like I am watching a film. On a raft there is a snail, floating up slowly to the roof. Being curious, I decide to follow it. As it goes onto the roof, I do, and there is then another snail. I don't know what happens next but it all seems a blur and everything goes to fast. Next thing I know they are both on the raft and sailing away together. The snail wasn't so lonely anymore, and I woke up thinking what was I doing before I went to sleep last night? My dreams seem to be getting weirder and weirder by the day.

Mini Avatars

The film Avatar cheers me up every time I see it. The other morning when I woke up I remember having a dream about them, it was weird, I never usually dream about films but this one I have. There are all these mini avatars fighting around me throwing swords and arrows, some coming in my ear, so I pull them out and I can feel them all at the same time. I know that I am lucid dreaming, so roam around and throw the avatars off the ground. But more appear and I am surrounded by mini avatars. I was positively doomed. I also felt stuck in the dream and there was no way out. But in the real world I heard next door neighbours dog barking, and I know I am awake.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Keep Fit and Spanish Holiday

One morning last week I woke up remembering this dream. It was one I did not write down but I still remember clearly now. I'm in this hall where I used to go for keep fit. My old friend is there and the window is open. So I decide I'll not do anything, and jump out the window. But the next thing I know is that the instructor comes and pulls me back in, and then locks the window. So my means of escape are ruined. I am then forced to hold hands with people and run around in a circle, and that was pretty much it. 

Next, I am in a Spanish campsite, Castella it was called, among my friends and family. Just like the old times, and just how I liked it. My favourite holiday which I miss and sometimes dream out. We are at the pool, a huge group of us, but it isn't much of a pool. It is covered by mud and people around us digging the mud out. I stand there, looking confused. That's all I remember from that dream. 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Cookies, Milkshakes and Monopoly

So yet again I wake up remembering a very strange dream from last night. I start off in a weird maze with green hedges and sandy walls and ground. Then massive cookies and milkshakes start walking over the hedges crushing people as they walk. So I duck out of the way and hide in a corner. I watch as they walk above me, and then pull a cookie down. I then start to eat it, it was nice. So i pull down a milkshake and start drinking it, it was a nice chocolate milkshake. 

Next thing I know I am at home. I'm sitting watching a programme with my Dad and sister, after it finishes we all decide to go upstairs. I go into my room and pull out a monopoly board and start playing on it. The figures move themselves and I am holding a lot of cash in my hand, and I realise it's real. Then I wake up back in reality. Darn that game, I felt so rich as well at the time. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

University, Marks and Spencers and McDonalds

Yet again, there was a combination of different places in the same dream which I can remember in detail. It started off in University where I meet one of my friends, then out of nowhere another one appears and we start walking up the spirally steps and chatting about what to see at the cinema. We talked about happy feet 2, which ironically we have seen together. 

The next thing I know is that we are walking in marks and Spencer's weaving in and out of clothes racks. We don't stop to look at any, just continue walking and talking. It seems like a blur now, but I remember seeing our mouths moving an laughing with one another. We get out of the place, and then a place with a stage, and McDonald's to the right of it. So, I find this as an advantage and buy a Big Mac meal... but sadly, I never got it, and I woke up. Maybe next time I'll try and eat it.

Monday, 2 January 2012

The Killer Bugs, The Genie, Jafar and Assistant Manager

So I wake up this morning feeling like I have had a nightmare. It was a bad dream that's for sure. I am in the schoolyard in my primary school. Not so far away from here and I dream of time to time. Some small bugs start to infest the yard making us panic. I don't know of the people around me. They start biting and killing people, one get me, but I know that I am okay and will live. We then run up the sandy verge where we stay and they can't get us. One of my friends from school is here, so I run over to her. She has been bitten, and I can see one crawling underneath her skin. I panic, and call out for help. All of a sudden, the actress Julie Graham appears and tries to revive her. I turn around, and see that my friends boyfriend has appeared. He tells me it didn't kill me because I am young. However, I am 16 days older than my friend which confused me. I look at the trees behind me thinking of running out, at this point I know I am dreaming. I look forward, and run down the verge, and onto the path. I sprint past one of my teachers and up the steps. 

Then still in the same dream I run past fire and broken down buildings. All of a sudden, I find that the genie and Jafar from the Disney film Aladin, have appeared. But yet, it felt so real. Next thing I know the genie knocks me out and ties me up. We then appear in a place which was like a TV studio, the genie put me down, and expected me to walk. There was a big board in front of me, but I didn't want to walk behind it. So as they walk behind it, I turn around to meet an old man with a lot of grey hair. 

I am then magically out of the rope and able to move my hands around. He grabs a hold of me, and I find myself shouting Julie. The assistant manager at work. She appears, and tells me to bow at her dog. Confused, I do it, and after the third time it runs over and jumps on the old man who then lets me go. I then rip him up. Yes, I rip him up, he felt like paper. So he went from being human to paper in a matter of seconds. What I am saying here really did happen. None of it is made up. I then throw him into the washing machine and put him on hand wash. Why I did that I do not know. Feeling happy, I hug Julie and say thank you very much. 

Running out of the building I see a massive shopping centre on my left. I run into it. There is a white wall running on the left of me and a load of shops on my right. In the crowd of people in front of me my Dad appears. So I shout for him, but he goes into the toilets. I then stand outside and wait for him... he comes out and is then happy to see me. My Mum then appears on my left. We walk out as a family, and then as I come out, I am riding a unicycle which appears out of nowhere. And then I woke up. It is now fair to say I have a few weird dreams from time to time. 

The Police Officer and The Helicopter

At work at New Year's eve it was quiet. So I decided to buy a small pad and write my dream down from the night before, and jot some notes down for my next essay. So it starts like this... I am in a big shopping centre with a friend from school. Quite the pair we were getting in trouble sometimes. She has roller blades on causing chaos which makes me laugh. She suddenly loses control and falls straight into a stand. So of course I find it hilarious, but the next thing I know the police appear. That wipes the smile off my face. I then run, I remember going down a narrow corridor where no one is. A red haired police woman appears on the other side and grabs my right arm. She says, 'Do you understand what you are being arrested for?' and I say yes. I try to be clever and run, but a thread of my gloves comes off and she pulls me back. 

Next thing I know I am in a helicopter with my sister driving it. We are heading for a bridge, and she doesn't know hot to ride it, and I panic. And there was a bridge right in front of us. I remember throwing my arms around, and my sister pushes the lever up, and nose dives straight into the water. Death woke me up. That is one thing I am sure of.