Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Friends and Cruise Ship

So this morning I wake up remembering two dreams in detail. The first I was with friends from university in a library. There we are chatting having the time of our lives while someone pulls a hoover out and starts hoovering. Weird I thought. Next thing, she falls out the window and I panic. That must be the worst thing that can happen while your hoovering. Then I yell, 'Ryan pull her up!'. He runs over and pulls her from the window. They hug it out, and Ryan asks to be her boyfriend. Funny, because there boyfriend and girlfriend in real live. 

Then my next dream. I am on a ship, and being chased by the bad guys. I think I am a pirate. I remember wearing a stripy shirt with cut off jeans, weird. Many times I was hauled to the ground and placed in handcuffs, but each time I managed to get out of them and keep running off. One time I was picked off, and thrown into the freezing cold water taking someone with me. I managed to get my hands free and drown the person that came with me, and then back onto the ship I went. Halfway running on the ship, I woke into reality and 10 o clock.