Tuesday, 3 January 2012

University, Marks and Spencers and McDonalds

Yet again, there was a combination of different places in the same dream which I can remember in detail. It started off in University where I meet one of my friends, then out of nowhere another one appears and we start walking up the spirally steps and chatting about what to see at the cinema. We talked about happy feet 2, which ironically we have seen together. 

The next thing I know is that we are walking in marks and Spencer's weaving in and out of clothes racks. We don't stop to look at any, just continue walking and talking. It seems like a blur now, but I remember seeing our mouths moving an laughing with one another. We get out of the place, and then a place with a stage, and McDonald's to the right of it. So, I find this as an advantage and buy a Big Mac meal... but sadly, I never got it, and I woke up. Maybe next time I'll try and eat it.