Sunday, 15 January 2012

Primary School (Again!) and a Police Chase

I wake up again remembering another bizarre dream. Instead of writing it down I thought I'd blog it. Yet again, I was in my old primary school. But this time it was in the hall. Just like an assembly, but there was a small group of us sitting at the back. I can hear a voice, but I cant see who is speaking nor am I really paying any attention to what is going on. Next thing I know someone gets up, goes behind, bows, and runs off. So knowing I can leave, I do the same thing. I then find myself running down corridors, which are leading to nowhere. I don't know where I am going. After running I meet someone who I used to go to school with, she asks me where the pigeon holes are, so I tell her they are round the offices. I take her to them, its funny how before I didn't know where I was going, to suddenly knowing where the offices are. After this I plan in my head where the exit is, the long corridor with the two doors leading out. I turn around, and then leave. 

I found myself free from the dream. In another dream I am in the cinema, I don't know whether I am alone or if I'm with friends. But people start getting up and joining a queue to go somewhere, so being a sheep I follow them. In the queue is a friend from uni, she jumps ahead and runs out of the queue, so being a sheep again, I do the same thing. But when I do it, the police shout at me to come back. So I do... they tell me go get on the ground, so I do, and they put  machine over me, which beeps, they then let me go. Then I find myself outside, I find police coming out from buildings after me. I run. And in my mind I think of people to help me, two people who I would want to help me, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant from Doctor Who. So when I turn around, they are there. I find myself talking to them, they tell me to go left into some place where people will help me. 

Next thing I know I'm in a huge place with clothes racks as obstacles and maids there to help me. I find myself talking to one, but I can't make out the words she is saying. Then some police come running in towards me, I back off against a wall. I find myself yelling, and can clearly hear, 'I will not be man handled!'. I've said that in two dreams now, and to the police.