Thursday, 1 December 2011

Multiple Dreams

So on Monday the 17th January I was yet again straight into my dream pad. And as I read it I can picture it happening it was that memorable. I was in my grandparents house handcuffed. How and why I do not know. But I was suddenly being chased by dogs, and my instinct was to run out into the garden. I hook the right where the back gate is and see a white van. I kick off from the ground and start hovering. I take a sigh of relief, and then follow after the van. As it starts to get faster, I do. I find it going down a long lane and into a big field. Then, I lose the van. I feel like I missed something, but I don't know what it was. Then awkwardly, I lose a shoe. So I pick it up and put it on, and then I fade out. 

Next thing I know I am sitting at the back of my year 10 french class. A class which for some reason I miss. My teacher did not like me that much and I don't understand why I dream about it. But she tells us the seating plan might change, and I get the feeling of fear in my heart. I loved this seating plan, but again, the scene faded out. 

The third and final dream I remember is standing in sand. Which kept sinking below my feet. Above me is rope. So the obvious thing to do is to get on it, so I do. I follow it around, and see people on it. I don't know who they are. Next thing I know I fall off into the sand, and the scene fades away. I then woke up feeling weird and the dreams kept repeating in my mind all day.