Saturday, 29 December 2012

Forgetful Dreams

I've been having dreams for the past two nights. But I've forgot them, everything about them. I keep thinking of topics, like friends, family and places, but I can't remember much at all. However, I have a memory of my best friend from school in an airport. Which is quite ironic how she works in an airport... all I remember from that was running away from something, I do that in most dreams running away from the police, but I really can't remember what I was running away from. 

And there's another one from the other night where I was flying around my house. I go to my next door neighbour who I was friends with forever... till he moved out. Something else I dream of a lot. I went in and we played games on his PS2.. mario... just like the old times. I miss the old times. I'm gonna start to try and note down dreams now, especially with my mood changing around this time of the year.