Monday, 24 December 2012


So I haven't blogged in ages. I wish I would, so many dreams I wish I remember but don't note down. It's half 11 and I remember last nights dream quite well, but not really in order. I remember being in a massive arena, something was playing, don't really remember what it was, a concert of some sort. Then a bunch of us left. There was a country.. Hungary, I think it was, and they were yelling, I ignored them and walked past the crowds. I walk out....... then forget. Then I am in a cinema of some kind. I was looking for people who I went to school with, I run down the front and grab a seat. Down the front there is a video playing, what the video was I do not know. But the person behind me was putting their feet on my seat which was really annoying. 

Then a big gap... and I remember I walk towards a big swing. On sand, the swing was made of rope where you could swing back and forth but had to stand on it, and someone who I knew came in front of me. I had fun, and then was stuck at the top. There was a lot of rope around it and then found myself clambering around it. At one point I tried to go down, and some rope got stuck on my neck. There was someone below me, and I found it difficult to get off. Then, I was thrown something which I had to rub, then I got off, and fell to the ground... and that is all I remember. I'm gonna have to start down noting these crazy dreams, that way I will remember them.