Sunday, 3 June 2012

Killer Bugs

I stupidly again didn't write my dream down again so its now faded on me. But I remember the whole killer bug thing in a house. I felt scared... but it wasn't much of a nightmare. I remember a lot of beetles running around me... at one point they ran up to a man and went into his head. I knew it was the end of him so left the room. I was holing a baseball bat and managed to kill some of them. Then... I went into a room where my parents were. I felt scared then, I didn't want them to die. But for some reason they went nowhere near them, and it all ended, I don't know if I woke up or something else happened. But I had another dream I was in a shop. I don't remember much, I knew I should have written it down. My dream pad was on my desk and I've just pulled it out. So I'm gonna use it more often. And read through old dreams.