Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesday 6th June

So yet again its been ages since I've blogged. This time I'll try and keep it up. I have been dreaming a lot lately, I just haven't written them down. I looked in my dream pad and the last time I wrote in it was Wednesday 6th June. This is what I wrote. 

I woke up knowing that I dreamt something about my manager. I then remembered my best friend from work sent me a text message and me and another friend were laughing over it. My manager was really eager to see it. So... for some strange unknown reason, I put my phone down my top so she wouldn't get it. She said she would read it... but never did. After that I have three paragraphs and cant for the life of me read my writing. Its just a scribble, I can pick out some words and make absolutely no sense out of it... I will write in pen and in neat in the future.