Friday, 10 August 2012

BHF and The Avengers

So this morning I was straight to my dream pad. I had a really weird dream last night and felt confused this morning. I thought it was Thursday and thought I hadn't done some stuff for today, turned out I did so that was good. I dreamt of the BHF, I haven't dream about it for ages now. My manager was in the shop close to home and got confused to where it was. I went in to see her, and went into the back of the shop. There were two young girls that were there and started talking to me. One was called Hal, and at some point I was talking to her on facebook. She had her laptop but no keyboard and had to use mine.... strange. I was wearing my old school uniform, I took my tie off, put it in my pocket and undid my top button. In the shop she was shutting it, so we had to leave. I felt all rushed out so left. I looked back and she wasn't there... so I started to panic. Then for some reason in this shopping centre I am looking for McDonalds... and I don't know why. Then I turn around and see some kid is bugging me to buy him something. I didn't want anything to do with him so made him go away. 

Next thing I know I am outside with one of my closest friends. I feel so tired and we go into a building. I fall onto the reception desk but pushed off it. Two big men come over and then drag me away by my hands. I then remember running away... and I don't know why. And I seem to all of a sudden have spidey powers. I shot things at people as I went on, but some had guns, that didn't really stop me. Then, a load of people tell me to surrender, so I do. 

Then, there is huge building with fire behind it. Crazy. I saw Superman behind knocked off the building, but he managed to grab a hold of a ledge, and he flew back over, I knew he was safe then. Then I saw four of them, Superman, Iron man... and I can't remember who the other two were... but there was definitely four of them. They stood there holding hands, and that's all I remember.