Tuesday, 14 August 2012

BHF and Olympics

Last night I had a dream about the shop. I thought them dreams have stopped, but the memories still seem to come back to me. I don't know why I went in. But when I did I saw the manager I didn't like, and left quickly. Little did I know, she was right behind me and follows me out the shop. My worst nightmare. She tells me over her shoulder not to harass her staff and never come back to the shop or she will know about it. I wouldn't think about going back, I wouldn't want to. And that's the end of that dream. 

Next, I was lying in bed watching the Olympics. The TV was flicking on and off and I didn't know what was happening with it. And I think Kay was there, someone from another world who I know quite well and never dream about, freaky. She wanted me to get out of bed, but I was in no mood to get out. Next thing, I am in a castle, where and why, I do not know. But now I have memories running around and being locked in a room. I couldn't really remember when I woke up.