Monday, 13 August 2012

The Bill, The Cinema and The Feeling of Worry

This time, I didn't dream about school. Nothing school related in my dream. The first thing I dreamt was the police. I remember that I was walking on a street like it was a normal day. Then, I was caught by a police woman and hauled to the ground. Why this happened or why I was being arrested, I do not know. We had a bit of a struggle, and then two young girls came by. I felt hope. I said I'd give them a million quid if they helped me out and they pushed her off me. They then ran away leaving me by myself, I was then hauled back on the ground. Bunch of help they were. She manages to twist my right arm and I give in. Another policewoman turns up just for my disappointment. She says, and I remember, 'Can you handle that?' The one that has a hold of me says, 'Course I can' nearly breaking my hand, and puts me in handcuffs. I was then dragged up, thrown to two others that appear from nowhere, and that was the end of that. 

Next, I was in a big cinema screening. I was with 2 friends, one from university and one who I went to school and university, best friend really. And I swear we're watching a film called Cherrybomb... but its actually a different film. That just sounds to weird, but its true. I look down and see another friend come in, we watch where she's going and gesture for her to come up but she completely ignores us. Next thing I know someone with a birthday cake comes past us and down to someone a few rows below us. Then that was the end of that. 

Then I was at a friends house. So I remember having 3 dreams last night. Anyway I'm at my friends house worrying that someone is going to come there and I don't want them to see me. I worry to much, so run out to my car. Then for some weird reason I appear to be in my own street, I have no idea how this happened. I look down and realise that I am wearing my leather jacket with my tog 24 coat on top. I look into the mirror and think its a good look. I wake up and say to myself, that was not a good look and I would never wear it.