Sunday, 12 August 2012

School and a Journey

So I had another dream I was in my school uniform again! I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something here... I haven't in a while dreamt about school apart from last night and the night before. I hope it doesn't become a regular thing. Anyway I remember being in a big room with a lot of things flying around. Then I was stuck in some stuffing which I couldn't get out of. And for some reason my year 10 french teacher was on my mind... but I didn't actually dream about her. Then this person at the head of the room had to sort all this stuffing out, I felt that my mind was at rest so I left. 

I was then in the school yard at my primary school. This is something which is quite repetitive in my dreams. I fly to the roof where I feel safe. I look over to see someone who I used to work with... she didn't really like me but was nice in my dream. I was shocked. She was holding a book and wanted me to follow her, so I did. We went over the rooftops and then onto some sandy stairs, which was like I was on holiday in Spain. We walk along further and see two people on sunbeds. There was a slope going down to some water. I apparently had to go down it, so I did, and found myself treading in water. Another strange dream.