Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Beginning of Time

So I've come straight here this morning to note down my dream of dinosaurs. Yes. Dinosaurs. It was a very weird and confusing dream. I was on a slope sliding down with dinosaurs. A diplodocus being one of them. I remember its head getting stuck in something and I had to free it to get down the slope. We hit the bottom and that was it. I can't remember after that. I was trying to remember what happened before the dinosaurs but there's nothing there. I don't think there was anything before them, it just didn't add up. It's just a weird and confusing matter, and I didn't seem to be scared of them, which was good. I probably would be in real life though, wouldn't want to meet a t-rex in real life. Maybe if i dream about dinosaurs again I'll figure out what happened before them to know how the universe began, that is my next task.