Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Lucid Dreaming

I was lucid dreaming last night. And I felt like I had a somewhat out of body experience. I had 2 dreams last night which I still remember in somewhat detail. The first was in a house, near where I live I think. I was flying around and then all of a sudden stopped, and looked at myself. That was when I knew I was dreaming. I was with my best friend from school and kept asking her where another friend was, she wasn't to pleased, felt like I was ditching her. I kept asking after her, and never found her. 

The next dream was even more weird. I was in a massive field where people were selling things and whatnot. Bit like a fair thing. There were a lot of people running around and police there and whatnot. They then seemed to turn on to me. So I flew. I flew over loads of places and at some point came to a stop. I felt safe, then I turned and saw someone who I knew a few years ago at a class I used to go to. I thought I'd get away, but she's not stupid. She never was. The police were near by, she was on their side, I should have known. I went to run, but she threw me to the ground. Reminds me of dreams that I used to have ages ago. My next new life plan: learn how to lucid dream.