Friday, 4 January 2013

Grandparents, Primary and Saving The World

So I wake up feeling like I'm still dreaming and ever so weird, and did something which I've never done before. Tell my parents about my dream. There was so much to remember I had to sit up and think what the first part of my dream. And that was at my grandparents house. Yet as ever, whenever I'm there in my dreams I want to leave. So I opened a window and looked out, and I saw my Aunt who lives in Turkey. I felt a bit guilty, so went back in the house. I went downstairs and heard voices and laughing... I knew I couldn't leave. I went in and the family was there, mam, dad, sister, Nana, Aunt and great Aunt and Uncle. I couldn't leave, never in my life in that house have all of them people been in the same room before. There was a film on, just like the old days, so I sat down and started to enjoy myself. And I loved being there, I started some conversations and had a real nice time. At some point my mam wanted me to go in the attic, so I said I would. We went upstairs and I started up into the attic. It then seemed never ending and took me ages to get in. 

I then dreamt about being at primary school... again. And yet again I was in the yard flying around, as per usual. But this time was different, I felt that I had a purpose there. There was loads of people there, and I knew them all from school, work, family and uni. At one point, for some reason, we had to get into groups of 3, so I looked around and saw my great uncle and aunt, so I went next to them. Then for some reason, the group gradually got bigger. Then they asked in the group who had the strongest foot... weird... and then people volunteered me for it... even more weird. I then saw a guy putting a football to the ground, so I obviously had to kick it I guessed. I went over to it, but then people started running up the bank. So... I joined them. I ran onto the field.. and then kicked off from the ground and started to fly. I flew around and went over the yard and edged near the roof. I sat on the roof and saw that someone dove through it... so... I went in through as well. The person was out of sight, it didn't bother me, so I went looking down the corridors and had a look around. After searching I found myself in the toilets... so I went into a cubicle and shut the door. I don't know why I did it and wanted to leave. I then looked under the door and saw people walking around. I then feared for my life and thought I was going to die. I knew I was being stupid so then walked out. 

I then walked out and turned right. There were windows around and I saw people as statues, I knew that wasn't good. I went outside into a bar area and saw a friend there, I dragged her inside and said there was something weird about to happen and I needed her help. She then turned to the wall and told me an escape route... which was a good thing, I felt hope. She wanted me to come have a drink so I then followed her back into the bar. When we walked in, there was people running everywhere and I lost her. So I yelled for her, I then saw her running, so I went and followed her. I thought I caught up to her, I turned her around, but it wasn't her. I looked ahead, and had completely lost her. Then, the land started to split, I stepped to the left and was on a boat with a guy and three girls. The guy was really pissing us off so I pushed him off into the water. I said to the girls, take care, and I flew off. There was a bigger boat ahead so went over to it. I asked if my friend was there and she wasn't. There was a huge blue and white dingy thing opposite us and I knew she was going to be on it, I went to fly, but these people ended up pulling me back. I woke up into reality at 9 o clock.