Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Holidays, University and My Car

I had some great dreams last night. One about holidays, well it wasn't much of being on holiday it was more of the people who I have been on holiday with, and I was so happy. We were out in some fields, God knows where they were, and we kept having races. Uphill, and downhill, I won nearly every time, just like the old times. Then I got to a field where they had disappeared, my sister was there and they were playing kickball. A game I used to play whilst at school. Fair to say I was crap to begin with. My mam was there, and asked my sister how people were doing, she said they were doing really well. She clearly wasn't talking about me, but I was having the time of my life with people who I hadn't seen in ages. God I miss those times. 

And I remember another dream at university. It was a Monday and I was thinking about my timetable, I had a lecture at 9 and finished around 4 and wished I wrote it down. I woke up and was thinking I'm not even in on a Monday this term. It feels it with the amount of work I have though. I remember going downstairs into the toilet, and there was a massive queue, and there was children there, small children. It was weird, I was thinking... when are small children ever here? Oh yeah... never. I hurried and rushed out as soon as I could. Then I started to worry thinking my boyfriend thinking he'd gone home. Next thing I knew he walked down the stairs and asked if I was free, I said yeah and if I wanted to go to Frankie and Benny's, so I said hell yeah and off we went.. and I remember nothing else after that. 

I then a very unusual dream about my car. I left it in the car park while going into a shop, I don't even remember being in a shop. But when I came out I couldn't find my car, and I really freaked out. I was running around trying to find it. Just to my annoyance there was a lot of aygo's which I kept thinking were mine. At one point I even opened one and went in, I was about to start the engine and then realised it wasn't my car, so jumped straight out of it. That's when I panicked more. I had to give up and know that my car was nowhere to be seen. Later on when I found my Dad he had my car, so I was forever grateful. And I can't remember anything else after that.