Sunday, 6 January 2013

Running, Broken Finger and Saving A Show

I woke up at half 11 this morning, it wasn't intentional I was watching the end of Pirates of the Caribbean last night til half 1. Then I woke up half remembering and half forgetting the dreams I had. But I remember I did a lot of running, not flying like I usually do, but running. I was running along scenic routes and over a bridge. I knew I was in a race and went to overtake people, I wanted to win. After the bridge  I got to some play park, there were people used to go to school with, so I went to go and join them. There was a lot of climbing and looking down involved. People were making each other fall off it and I was afraid they were going to do it to me. But they didn't, so I felt better. Later on I looked down, and saw that I had a bandage on my finger, I couldn't move it and freaked out, It was broken and I had to live with it. I went on to go in a building where there was a show going on, so I went to go and sit down. There wasn't much going on so I decided to go to the toilet... then after coming out I decided to go on stage and sing Don't Stop Believing... as weird as that sounds I actually got a standing ovation and saved the show. It was a weird but wonderful dream.