Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Childhood and the World

So I was dreaming about being a child again last night. Oh how I would miss it, and would love to be one right now, to get away from all of this work which is really pissing me off. In my dream I was in a big old house with some other kids running around, just like the good old times. And I was running upstairs because we were going on holiday somewhere, not sure where, might have been Spain, oh how I miss going there. When I got the stuff I wanted I ran back downstairs. And there was a bus... and I don't remember much after that. At another point in my dream I remember being transported to places... around the world. And we were on a big piece of iceberg and we were floating places, and I was climbing to the top of the iceberg so I wouldn't be near the water. At one point it broke off, and we had to find something bigger to get on. We did, and then there was bits of rock flying around so avoided them. I know I dreamt more than that, but I don't remember half of it as it is now afternoon and my mind just can't remember it. And I've also gone back to my stage where I'm pulling library books out about dreams, just like first year, can't wait to read up and make some notes.. and I know I need them for research.